At Little Foundations Child Care, we believe in a balanced mix of play-based, child-directed activities, and teacher directed curriculum. We work in collaboration with parents, caretakers, and children to foster a child’s educational strengths to the best of their developmental abilities in the comfort of a home-like setting. Our center utilizes the comforts of play-based activities, and the strengths of an educational curriculum together in a safe, and enriching learning environment. We work alongside each child, using their unique interests, and talents as a focus to help direct curriculum as well as implement key components of an education setting. For this reason we can be closely compared to using a Reggio Emilia Approach. However, our strong emphasis on Humane Education is what makes our center a unique educational environment.

All Staff is responsible for conducting a respectful, welcoming, and safe program at our center. We will strive to provide your Child(ren) with as much variety, and learning opportunities as they are comfortable working with. Our program is fun, inspiring, and with a strong focus on health, nutrition, and basic cooperation skills. The most important part of our curriculum is to foster a child’s empathy, compassion, independence, and confidence in their own abilities. We make learning fun, comfortable, and enriching to each child’s individual needs.

“Let the children learn to write by writing, to speak by speaking, to sing by singing, to reason by reasoning.” ~John Amos Comenius


Little Foundations Child Care Principles


  • To Promote the Health and Wellbeing of the Children at our Center.


  • To use developmentally appropriate practice, and procedures according to children’s individual needs.


  • To demonstrate care for all children in all aspects of our practice, and environment.


  • To work as partners with parents, and children. Providing them with support in meeting all of our, and their responsibilities to their children.


  • To work as partners with colleagues and service providers to support our attending families.


  • To work in ways that enhance compassion, human dignity, responsibility, and respect.


  • To pursue ongoing professional development.


  • To demonstrate integrity in all professional relationships.