Ready.. Set… Go!

It’s been a lot of hard work to set everything up so things are ready here at Little Foundations! Now that most of the stations are ready, and toys have been cleaned I wanted to share some photos of the childcare with everyone.

Our play area is ready with a dress up box, toys, blocks, and a car mat to keep the children busy with imaginative play. New things are still being added for the children’s fun, and activities. Also waiting for a small kitchen on the way with all the accessories.

The reading corner is stacked with books, and puzzles for a quiet space to relax when the children want to wind down for a little while. Plus, a basket full of plushies to cuddle with.

Our creative corner is stocked with paints, crayons, recyclables, and loads of materials for daily, and open art activities. A splash mat on the ground for messy science activities, and cleans up for a nice spot to enjoy snacks, or lunch.

..and right beside the creative corner is a large display board for showing off the art themes we’re doing. The children will really enjoy being able to display their art here, and it’s definitely the first thing you notice when you walk through the door.

Last of all is our circle area where the children can sit comfortably on a couch nearby, and learn everything from colors, numbers, letters, calendar, and weather. Sing songs, and share in discussions. Especially over show and tell, or book time.

There’s also a notice board near the entrance with my certificates displayed, and information for families where I can keep everyone updated with whats going on in our center.

It’s looking more and more inviting in here, and there will be plenty more to add before the children start their first day. The most important thing is that it is a clean, and safe environment. I hope that the children will feel right at home. All we need now is to get some friends in to explore all the endless possibilities!