About Our Family.

Little Foundations is operated within our home, and as a family we would love to welcome you so allow me to introduce everyone.

We’re a small family with just my husband John, our son Dylan, and I. My husband works during the weekdays while I stay at home to care for our son, and children attending our childcare.

We have a small dog in our family named, Dorian. He used to attend preschool, and daycare with me as a service dog by sitting quietly and cuddling with the children while they were reading. He’s very friendly, and well trained.

Our son Dylan is a cheerful little guy. He especially enjoys looking at stories, creating art, and listening to songs we sing. Everyday presents him with new experiences, and he would surely love to have some new play friends to join him here in our home.

As a family we enjoy all sorts of activities like fishing, camping, and exploring new places. There’s always something exciting in the plans. Other than all that we hope that this has helped to make you feel more acquainted with us, and from our family to yours it is a pleasure to meet you.


The Erk Family.