About the Childcare


My name is Carla Erk. I’m a licensed Early Childhood Educator with First Aid/CPR, Food Safe, a clear criminal record check, and 8 years experience in teaching Early Education in preschool, and daycare programs to children from infancy to 12 years old.

Little Foundations is a LNR childcare that I manage within my home on Westwood Plateau in Coquitlam, BC in a family friendly neighborhood, and block watch community. Providing quality care for children between the ages of 2-5 years old along with my son.

My mission is to foster independence, and awareness in young children so they can explore, and interact with their environment comfortably, safely, and responsibly.

Through an even balance of teacher-direction on educational strengths, and child-directed interests I believe that the children who attend my center will become more confident in their ability to learn, to play, to make their own decisions, and to find education to be a comfortable, and fun experience.

Founded by Carla Erk (VanKoughnett). Early Childhood Educator, and Children’s Book Author.